UTI Testing at IMD™

Introducing the PMMA UTI+ Panel at IMD™

PMMA stands for: Poly-Microbial Molecular Assay. It is a new, revolutionary genetic innovation in the management of UTI’s. PMMA is capable of simultaneous identification of 27 different uropathogens and 8 different antibiotic resistant genes. IMD™ favors this methodology due to it’s more accurate identification of infection at a rate nearly 6 times greater than traditional culture and is proud to offer next day turnaround time on all specimens utilizing this panel.

The Facts

Reasons For Hospitalization

In skilled nursing facilities UTI (urinary tract infection) is the leading cause of:
  • Infection
  • ER Admissions
  • Patient Discomfort and Family Dissatisfaction
  • Slow turnaround times of current testing (culture & sensitivity)
  • Delayed treatment causes UTI infection to become Urosepsis
  • Inaccurate antibiotic treatment
  • Broad-Based antibiotic treatment leads to ‘natural resistance’ to antibiotics