Flow Cytometry - Fast and Accurate

Our Program’s Focus To improve the overall service levels for Bay Area HematoOncology patients, while also providing cost competitive services to mutual stakeholders (i.e. Hospitals and Oncology patients). Simultaneously supporting and enabling a stronger strategic Pathology Business Model for Community Based Pathology Groups.

IMD Path is proud to offer it’s fully operational Flow Cytometry 10-Color Program in the San Francisco Bay Area. This program is able to perform testing for Bone Marrow, Peripheral Blood, Body Fluid, and Solid Tissue samples with suspected Leukemia or Lymphoma diagnosis. This multi-paramater flow cytometric immunophenotyping utilizes antibody panels that are specifically designed to characterize Hematolymphoid malignancies.
BD FACSCanto II Cell Analyzer
BD FACSCanto II Cell Analyzer for 10-Color Flow
One of the unique benefits of our BD FACSCanto 10 Color flow Cytometry System is the ability for maximal diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive results with minimal specimen requirements. IMD Path’s 10-Color Flow Cytometric Program is integrated with the FDA-approved, FCS Express analysis software, in order to enable TC/PC capabilities.
Our Flow Cytometry analyst team is comprised of Expert-level professionals with a combined 40 years of key and relevant experience.