Leica Bond III Automated IHC Stainer
Discovery Ultra from Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
The IMD™ laboratory is proud to employ the usage of state-of-the-art technologies to provide high quality technical services with prompt turnaround times. The utilization of these types of technologies that enable high-level services, allow IMD™ to offer its clients best-in-class pathology assistance and superior patient care. With various platforms supporting our clients, we are able to additionally offer In-Situ Hybridization tests that can create high quality slides for our pathology clientele. Through the consultation with our Chief Medical Officer, our services doubly include support through academic level training programs, ultimately creating the opportunity for self-reliance for any pathology group that is presently working with IMD™.
From the very outset of the company’s founding, IMD™ has sought out and acquired sophisticated software systems that grant the ability to scan and provide virtual slides to be used for review and interpretation for when a faster specimen turnaround time is critical and needed.