Schedule Your COVID Screening: WNS

Attention WNS Faculty, Staff, and Students

We are pleased to be your new COVID-19 testing partner!


For purposes of scheduling an appointment, please make sure you are aware of the following:

  1. Please make sure to Pre-Register in the Patient Portal before booking an appointment time. You will need your confirmation code in order to make a valid reservation. Your code will look like this and must contain letters: BRNXE4

  2. Appointments will be made in 10 minute blocks. Up to 17 people will be permitted per time block. Once a time block is full, it will no longer be available to select.

  3. Testing will occur from 8:30AM – 3:30PM on Saturday, May 8th, 2021.

Have you Pre-Registered? You can do so by following the link below:


Please screenshot your confirmation code (as pictured) and have it ready upon arrival for sample collection.


You can access your bar code via a link contained in your appointment confirmation SMS text message that you should receive after successfully completing registration.


If you have a screenshot like this, congratulations you are pre-registered! Feel free to schedule in your desired appointment block.


Remember – 1 code per 1 invidiual